Laud Codex: Animations about the Codex.

The Laud Codex is presumably Mazatec Cuicatec or southern Mexico. It was painted in two different periods, and decks were added as a third point of time. The largest portion of the paintings are in perfect condition. No disfigurement of any symbol or human figure in this portion of the work. The surface has lost some shine on the cover but has slightly crystalline texture that gives high gloss paint. The Codex Laud is a book of religious instruction. It contains eleven sections, one of which is the passage of man through life, and two priestly initiation. His only previous publication was traced paths A. Aglio in Mexican Antiquities (Antiguedades Mexicanas) Kingsborough (1829). He is currently an the Bodleian Library Oxford.

Text and images from F.A.M.S.I.

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